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The history of sports classes at gimnazija Šentvid

The history of combining school and sports at our school started back in 1975, when Ivo Černivec established the first sports class at the school. This class, however, which was largley ski-oriented, was moved to Škofja Loka the following year, where the tradition of predominantly skiing sports classes has been kept up to the present.

Students sportists remained at Gimnazija Šentvid also in 1976, but they were given a special sports status which again had the meaning of combining school and sports, and was modelled by Miloš Vratič, teacher and two times Olympic competitor in gymnastics.

The history of current sports classes of our school goes back to 1989, when the first sports classes based on the general (gimnazija) school programme appeared. Initially, the sports classes were held at a different location, where the School of Railway had its premises (today's Gimnazija Šiška). The headmaster of that period was Jure Grgurevič, and the first sports classes that began in our building started in the school year of 1995/96.

Now we enrol two sports classes per school year. These sports classes have been mostly aimed towards basketball and since 2007/08 also athletics, however, they also combine the variety of other branches of sports.